In the course of the first year, several solidarity actions were shared and disseminated at partnership level at both national and international level. Due to the large diversity within the partnership, it was decided to jointly support the solidarity campaign proposed by the Brazilian partner organisations and at the same time each partner organisation to support international solidarity campaigns that they consider relevant for their national multipliers and activists networks.
Therefore the  Brazilian partners launched a solidarity campaign for the people of Santo Amaro da Purificação. It demands the French company to take responsibility for the contamination with lead and to repair the damage caused. All project partners supported this campaign:
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In order to achieve a better reach of national multipliers, information on the solidarity campaigns is provided constantly through out several different online sources: (AUR’s official website), (national sub-site of the project); (sub-website dedicated to the FitforFair project and integrated into the Romanian Decent Work Campaign main website); social media accounts:,

After a research of actual campaigns done by the participants of the training course, during the second module the participants decided to support the following two campaigns:

  • petition demanding a living wage (earn enough to feed family, pay rent and live a decent life) – details on
  • petition/campaign “Europa geht anders: Verhindern wir die 'Troika für Alle' - Nein zum Wettbewerbspakt” (Another Europe is possible! Stop Austerity measure on the back of workers!) - details on


  • Solidarity campaign focused on safe working conditions in Bangladesh in the garment industry. PGN prepared an urgent appeal targeting LPP, the owner of the Cropp brand sourcing from one of the Rana Plaza factories. The appeal called on LPP to sign Accord on Fire and Building Safety in Bangladesh, pay the compensations and disclose the supply chain. 2152 signatures have been collected. The action received an international echo as the Czech NGO Na Zemi got involved in signature collection.
  • Solidarity campaign ‘Decent Work for All’. The petition was focused on the garment industry but has a more universal title and angle. As for the 13th of December more than 2100 signatures have been collected.
  • Solidarity letter published jointly with other consortium members, directed to Mr. Juan Manuel Santos, President of the Republic of Columbia and Mr. Doctor Rafael Pardo, Work Minister related to the murder of Oscar López Triviño, a local trade union leader.


  • Solidarity campaign for the citizens of Santo Amaro da Purificação, in Bahia.

The first step was to start an online petition, in three languages (Portuguese, Spanish and English), which was distributed to all project partners. Located in northeastern Brazil, Santo Amaro da Purificação suffers from environmental contamination. In this city, more than 10 thousand people, especially those who worked in the extraction of heavy metals, suffer from the effects of years of neglecting and impunity by the company at the time known by Peñarroya Oxide SA, who explored the extraction of lead and other metals in that city. Many people, including children and new born, continue to suffer tragic effects from lead contamination.