Make Chocolate Fair! launches European Chocomobile Tour

3 months, 14 countries, 10.000 km – the Chocomobile Tour 2014 is a highlight of the campaign Make Chocolate Fair!. The Chocomobile calls on people all over Europe to take action and increase pressure on the chocolate industry. Make Chocolate Fair! demands that companies improve the inhuman working and living conditions of cocoa farmers.
“With the Chocomobile Tour we will make sure that the chocolate industry cannot ignore our demands anymore” explains Sven Selbert by INKOTA who coordinates the tour. “People from all over Europa already have joined Make Chocolate Fair!. They do not want to accept any longer that human rights are violated in cocoa producing countries” he remarks. “The tour now is about combining forces and creating a European movement for fair chocolate. Europeans love chocolate. The time for fair chocolate has come.“
In public places and pedestrian zones, at street parties and music festivals: Together with local action groups, Sven Selbert will inform people about where cocoa comes from and the inexcusable conditions under which it is produced. The majority of cocoa farmers earns less than 1,25 USD per day. Hunger, poverty and exploitative child labour is part of their daily life. In contrast, the estimated annual net sales of the chocolate industry is about 100 billion USD.
„Adjusted to inflation, the world market price for cocoa beans has declined by half during the last 30 years while chocolate industry’s profits were increasing” says Sven Selbert. “It is absolutely essential that the chocolate industry makes it possible for cocoa farmers to secure their minimum living wage. This also means that they have to pay a fair price for cocoa beans” he demands. “Several chocolate companies have announced us that they want to use fair cocoa in future. We will keep track of these promises and monitor if the words become actions.”
Join-in actions, an exhibition, movies, information and lots of fair chocolate: In Bucharest, Romania, there will be held several support events happening on the 7th of October, the International Day for Decent Work!

Contact persons:
Raluca Mănăilă – Executive Manager of ”AUR” – A.N.S.R.U ( Asociaţia Naţională a Specialiştilor în Resurse Umane) Tel: +40 0722.77.84.84;
Sven Selbert, Coordinator of the Chocomobile Tour, campaign Make Chocolate Fair!, Tel.: +49 (0)163-6653534,


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Mak  e Chocoate Fair! este o campanie ce susţine condiţiile echitabile şi sustenabile din agricultura arborilor de cacao şi comercializarea boabelor. Acoperă 16 ţări Europene şi îşi propune să strângă 100,000 semnături pentru o petiţie care cere companiilor să ia măsuri eficiente pentru a asigura standardele sociale şi ecologice surselor de cacao.  Campania este susţinută de Uniunea Europeană. Conţinutul acestui comunicat de presă aparţine Asociaţiei Naţionale a Specialiştilor în Resurse Umane (”AUR”-A.N.S.R.U) şi nu reprezintă, sub nici o formă, poziţia Uniunii Europene.