The Joint Conference: ”Learning from each other”

During the 1st to 5th of April in Strobl, Austria, the Joint Conference was held within Module 5:”Learning one from other”. Representatives from all the 6 project partner countries attended the event. The agenda included special activities with the purpose of getting to know every country specific issues, along with the trade unions national realities. The event lasted 4 days, and a variety of activities were organised, such as:
Presentations about the specific situations of trade unions at national level in all the 6 countries, including: history of trade union activities, methodology, main challenges, importance of the state in the collective negotiations etc.

The conference encouraged participants to connect during workshops activities. Similar issues and interests were identified and possible collaborations between NGOs, trade unions and/or public institutions emerged. The outcomes of the workshops were presented into the plenary session. In the last day of the Joint Conference, the participants visited, by choice, one of the 4 local companies, where they had the opportunity to discuss with trade union members, but also with work councils’ members and factory management representatives.

Every night common activities were organised and all the representatives prepared special bars with treats from their country, as well as national presentations along with specific rituals.


In parallel, the 4th partnership meeting was held with the aim to evaluate the project implementation status and to coordinate the future activities at national levels.
The next partner meeting will be organised in September at Krakow, hosted by Związek Stowarzyszeń Polska Zielona Sieć (Alliance of Associations Polish Green Network, PGN) and OPZZ Krakow.