During the 1st  year, in all partner countries, promotional activities took place for the recruitment and selection of target groups.  In the recruitment of all national target groups the following criteria was respected: gender balance, national geographic balance, age balance, representation of different types of TU and NGO membership (sectors of activity, positions within the organisation, department etc.).

The first training course was started in autumn and will last till spring-summer of 2014.


Kick Off-Event –  ‚Decent Work Evening“- 7th of October 2013 (done Y1)
Module 1: We are international! – 7th- 8th of October 2013 (done Y1)
Module 2: Decent Work – beginning of 2014
Module 3: On globalisation - beginning of 2014

Module 4: Changing Perspectives – March 2014
Module 5: Joint Conference of the 6 countries: Learning from each other – 1st -5th April 2014, Austria
Module 6: Global networking – May 2014
Module 7: Let’s start – June 2014



2-4 Oct 2013: Kick Off-Event and Module 1: We are international!

20-22 Nov 2013: Module 2: Bread and roses. About work in dignity



21-22 November 2013 – “Global capital vs. workers networks”

16-17 December 2013 – “Decent work as a right of the citizens of the world”



The national curriculum of the training course was prepared, the participants were selected and the 1st module of the first training course was undertaken in October in the headquarters of CITUB.



  • 2013 September – December: meetings with potential training participants
  • December 2013: final training group
  • 2014.02.20-21 Module Orus darbas – orus gyvenimas!
  • 2014.03.06-07 Module Lygios galimybės visiems!
  • 2014.04.01-04 Module Jungtinis seminaras Austrijoje: mokomės kartu.
  • 2014.04.17-18 Module Globalizacija ir tarptautinis solidarumas.
  • 2014.05.29-30 Module Keičiame nusistovėjusį mąstymą!
  • 2014.06.17-20 Module Judėkime pirmyn!/ Prisijunkime prie tarptautinių judėjimų


1st and 2nd modules: History of Labor and Globalization

3rd module: Decent Work